Water, Oil and Gas Wells

Interstate Pipe and Supply offers the products used in water, oil and gas wells.

Water Wells

Interstate Pipe & Supply offers the Cetco line of bentonite clay products used for grouting and directional drilling. Bentonite can also be used to help with pond leaks.

Interstate Pipe & Supply also has a full line of accessories needed for any water well. Pitless adapters, pressure switches, tank tees, well caps, drive shoes, shale traps, submersible wire, chemical feeders, UV lights, Amtrol pressure tanks, well pipe, check valves, and pressure gauges.

Oil Wells

Working barrels, oil well cups, traveling valves, standing valves, ball and seats, and numerous other Oil well accessories are on hand for shallow oil wells.

Gas Wells

Interstate Pipe & Supply offers residential private gas regulators and meters for well hookup, liquid filled gauges and three-way ball valves.

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